The Unforgiven Vol. 1 - In the Beginning

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Release Notes:
Original Release Date: September 22, 2009 Release Date: September 22, 2009 Label: Bloc Star Total Length: 1:13:56 Genres:
Rap & Hip-Hop > Gangsta & Hardcore Format: Explicit Lyrics ASIN: B002Q6QHHQ

This collector's edition of The Unforgiven is a must have for any X-Raided fan or fan of true hip-hop.  Finally reissued through X-Raided's own record label, Bloc Star Entertainment, the tracks have been digitally enhanced and remastered, with remixes of three original favorites.  


Track Listings

  1. Mama's Pride & Joy (RMX)
  2. Misanthropy
  3. Unforgiven
  4. Who Is Y'all
  5. Spittin Venom
  6. Take Flight (Feat. Dott Dogg)
  7. Kick It 2Nite
  8. Land of the Lost
  9. Whatever It Took
  10. The Hole
  11. Trial By Fury
  12. Hell Razor
  13. Jealous Fellas
  14. Never Loved (Feat. Dott Dogg)
  15. Cemetery Fulla G's (RMX)
  16. Macaframa (RMX)
  17. Mortal Combat (RMX)